Installation of Whirlwind Wind Turbines VAWTs

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About Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWTs)

Advantages of VAWTs

Unlike Horizontal Wind Turbines, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines can utilise wind from any direction as the blades are mounted on top of the shaft rather than in front, and when they spin they rotate around it. They can therefore operate more efficiently.

They have fewer parts and all the main components are near to the base, making them much easier to service and maintain.

Being smaller and quieter, they are particularly suitable for urban environments where size and noise would be an issue. However they are also well suited to mountain installations as they can cope better with weather extremes and variable wind speeds. They need less space and can be installed in groups or rows fairly close together where they can work together to maximise the power that each generates.

VAWTs also are equipped with low speed blades, which makes them safer around people and less of a risk to birds.

In summary, the advantages of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines include:

  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Can be transported much more easily
  • Cheaper than HAWTs
  • Safer operation for wildlife
  • Can function in variable wind conditions
  • Can be installed in urban envvironments as they make less noise and are smaller

Whirlwind VAWTs

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Domestic Installation of Whirlwind VAWT

Domestic Installation of a Whirlwind VAWT

Commercial Installation of Whirlwind VAWT

Commercial Installation of a Whirlwind VAWT